Monday, 29 June 2015

Braunston 36 Miles, Old Riptide and Tree & Mist

Braunston 36 Miles :- Early morning before the narrowboats had a chance to disturb the water. The still and highly reflective water is a section of the Grand Union Canal as it passes through and area known as Waterside at Peartree Bridge in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. What caught my eye is the small metal sign (lower middle of the image) on the opposite bank stating the distance to Braunston. The smell of fresh coffee was drifting over to me from the nearby Peartree Bridge Inn which provided breakfasts fro guests staying at Peartree Lodge which was next door. As soon as the shots were in the camera I found myself drifting over towards the captivating aroma.

Old Riptide :- A strange title at first so a little explanation is needed. What you are looking at here is pure Victorian architecture that sits on the lower promenade and beneath the King's Road (A259)in Brighton. The building used to used to be a Victorian penny arcade but was up until recently full of excercise equipment and called the Riptide Gym. Due to the neglect of the old building and it being deemed unsafe and structurally unfit the Gym was closed down and the space left empty. 99% of the time its doors are locked and you cannot gain access or see in but on this one occasion I happened to be passing and the large double doors were open and the workmen were on their lunchbreak. It was a rare opportunity to grab a shot of it abandoned and empty.

Tree & Mist :- I know this area well. In fact i know it like the gback of my hand as it's part of the village where i live. However on this occasion it did look rather foreboding and eerie and for a while I had second thoughts about taking the path that I usually take into Brighton. The silhouetted Horse chestnut tree stands in Hogcroft Field in the ancient and historic Village of Ovingdean. To the right (out of shot) there's Bullstrode Farm and to the left of the field (also out of shot) there's the 11th Century St Wulfran's Church. I did end up taking the path up over the downs and the golf course but it was a very lonely and strange experience as all sounds were dead and visibility was only a few hundred yards in any direction.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill