Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cliff Dip, Missing and Side Step

Cliff Dip :- Between Brighton Marina and Ovingdean Gap there's a section of cliff that dips down slightly (opposite Roedean village) enabling a view of the beach and sea from the coast road. When the weather conditions are right it's a very picturesque place to have a breather and take it all in. On this particular day the sea was clear and the white chalkbed underneath was shining up and creating a wonderful turquoise colour.

Missing :- It wasn't so long ago that this structure held holiday makers and daytrippers aloft over the waves. It wasn't so long ago that the theatre at the end was full of laughter and music as it provided entertainment year in, year out. Brighton's West Pier closed to the public in 1975 after providing 109 years of pleasure (it opened in 1866). Storm damage and a couple of dubious and highly suspicious fires killed it off for good and now all that remains is the skeletal structure of the old theatre and some of its iron supports on the beach. It makes you wonder if the future will be full of structures like this. Left to rot and decay. Most post apocalyptic movies show cities full of shell like buildings (apart from the new Mad Max film where there's hardly anything but sand) but it does make you question if it will indeed be like that. Nature prevails and it does often take back anything that is left unguarded. What will the furture look like?

Side Step :- Caught in the warm glow of morning sunlight a set of steps lead up to a wooden door set in the wall of Scotney Castle near Lamberhurst in Kent. I have no idea where the door leads to (possibly offices or private apartments) but if you look at the windows around it it appears to be curiously located between floors. The English country house was built between 1835 and 1843 and was designed by Anthony Salvin.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill