Saturday, 27 June 2015

Conduit, Concrete Chess Table and Hocus Pocus

Continuum :- A wooden bench named "Continuum" stands in Tilgate Park in Crawley, West Sussex. It's one of two works of art by Will Glanfield. The second work of art is a sculpture titled "Conduit" that stands 100 meters away from the bench. The idea is that you can sit on the bench (Continuum) and look through the sculpture (Conduit). Tilgate Park and the surrounding area is 400 acres of relaxing scenery and land that dates back as far as 1647.

Concrete Chess Table :- Hard, harsh angles in the midst of hard, harsh surroundings. Cold, grey and colourless. In all the time that the chess tables have been in place in brighton Marina I have never once seen anyone sitting at one let alone playing a game of chess. There's nothing aesthetically pleasing about the table and chairs at all but in the right light they do throw out some wonderful shadows.

Hocus Pocus :- It had been a rather dreary and bland day. I'd been kicking my heels about the place all afternoon and feeling rather restless. To try and remedy that i decided to grab the camera and take a walk down to the beach. Nothing special seemed to be going on or happening and when I got there the sky wasn't doing muc at all but at least the tide was out. So I tried to find the odd shot here and there and carefully picked my way out over the rocks. But then, out of nowhere Mother Nature performed her alchemy and within an instant I was surrounded by golden light and a smelting hot sky. Pure magic from out of the blue. The shot was taken on the beach at Ovingdean Gap just a few miles east of the City of Brighton on the South coast of England.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill