Thursday, 11 June 2015

Don't Give Up, Ashburnham Door and Seaford & Newhaven

Don't Give Up :- A dramatic and spectacular sunset throws the remains of Brighton's West Pier (built in 1866) into silhouette. It's a constant reminder that nothing lasts forever no matter how ornate or grand it is or once was. Slowy bit by bit we lose anothe rpart of her to the sea as the succumbs to the consatnt beating of the wind and waves. When I look at her I can still see the hall of mirrors, rifle range, crazy golf and theatre that I remember as a child. She was an absolute stunner.

Ashburnham Door :- A set of old, worn, stone steps lead up to a small wooded door set in the wall of a round castle tower. These are the remains on Old Scotney Castle which is near Lamberhurst in Kent. It's actually an old medieval, moated manor house which stands on an island that;'s in the middle of a small lake. The building is said to have been constructed somtime around 1378 / 1380 by Roger Ashburnham. Scotney Castle is now looked after and maintained by the National Trust.

eaford & Newhaven :- An unusual view of the Sussex coastline. It was shot from high up on Seaford Head and is looking West towards the towns of Seaford and Newhaven. Beyond those tow towns you then discover Peacehaven, Telscombe, Saltdean, Rottingdean, Ovingdean, Roedean, Kemptown and then Brighton itself. You can command such stunning views if you are willing to make the effort and hike to the top of the cliffs.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill