Sunday, 7 June 2015

Empty Haven, Garden Arch and St George's Church

Empty Haven :- It was 6:30 pm when I eventually made it to the beach at Cuckmere Haven. I'd parked in the town of Seaford and then walked up and over Seaford Head before dropping down to the beach at Hope Gap before walking along the shoreline to the famous estuary. Much to my surprise I found the place very quiet with only the odd jogger or dog walker to be seen. The sun was beginning to set and a golden halo was erupting around the very famous coast guards cottages that sit on the edge of the chalk cliff.

Garden Arch :- We'd paid our entrance fee and were aksed if we wanted to visit the house before it got too busy. We said that would be a good idea and were given tickets to view the place in 20 minutes time. Rather than go off looking and then panic to get back in time we decided to stand around and patiently wait our turn as various other groups and pensioners trudged up and down its halls, stairs and snooped in ever room. It was as I was standing on the main gravel entrance to the house that the sun came out and cast this wonderful light through the garden gate as well as throwing the tree beyond it into silhouette. Seeing the way the sun had also caught the top of the bushes and plants to the left I knew it would make a great image and took the shot. The image was taken at Scotney Castle, a National Trust property in Kent.

St George's Church :- Neatly tucked away in the middle of Kemp Town on the Eastern edge of Brighton you'll come across St George's Church. It's now surrounded by old Victorian houses and far more modern achitectural atrocities but it was once one of the few buildings in the area. Construction commenced in 1824 and the Church finally oopened its doors to the public on 1st January 1826. The church was nearly closed for good in 1962 but the congregation fiercely contested that move and the building was saved. St George's Church is now a Grade II listed building.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill