Thursday, 4 June 2015

Front, Shoreham Fort and Still Got the Blues

Front :- A section of Brighton's iconic seafront caught by the late afternoon sun as it hit the south coast of England. It couldn't be anywhere else other than Brighton with its thick rought iron Victorian railings and turquoise colour scheme. This section is just to the West of the Brighton Marine Palace and Pier (formerly know as the Palace Pier and now unofficially renamed the Brighton Pier).

Shoreham Fort :- These are the remains of the 1800's built (it was completed in June 1857) redoubt (fortress) that sits at the mouth of Shoreham Harbour in West Sussex. In this image you can see several sets of steps that lead up to individual brick built platforms. In its heyday the fort woluld have originally been armed with six smooth bore 68-pounders and each of those platforms would have had a muzzle-loaded gun between them. If you look in the to the bottom right of the image you can clearly see the round metal rail that the guns would have turned on and there's a better view of one (just right of center) when the image is viewed large.

Still Got the Blues :- Nothing fancy. Nothing clever. No long exposures or messing about with depth of field. Just a straight forward shot of a straight forward early evening beach scene. Grey, blues and browns. No garish reds, greens or yellows. Huge amounts of wide open space. Huge amounts of salt water. All within an incredibly fragile and scarily thin atmosphere. That atmosphere surrounds a planet with an equatorial circumference of 40,075.017 km (24,901.4611 miles) that has a mass of 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg (5.9 sextillion tonnes) ... and it's teeming with life. Maybe this image isn't as simple or plain as I thought.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill