Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Garden Hall, Fantana Cinetica and Winding Through

Garden Hall :- When the grand house at Nymans caught fire in February 1947 nmuch of the Messel family home was lost. However, somehow or other just a few rooms remarkably were untouched and remained habitable. The Messel family proceeded to create an arrangement of rooms out of the remains and it's in those rooms that Anne, the Countess of Rosse (and mother to Lord Snowdon) lived until she died in 1992. This is a shot of the 'Garden Hall" at the front of the house. It's pretty much as it was when the Countess of Rosse was living here. The large windows on either side of the front door pwere providing just enough natural light for me to get the shot. Nymans is a National Trust Garden, House and Ruin and is located at Handcross near Haywards Heath in West Sussex.

Fantana Cinetica :- This is a shot of the 'Fantana Cinetica' in Constanța, the oldest still populated city in Romania. The fountain was created by the Romanian sculptor and professor of sculptur Constantin Lucaci (1923 -2014) who was known for his performing kinetic fountains. It stands in Parcul Gării which is virtually on the shores of the Black Sea.

Winding Through :- A shot that would have missed me entirely if I hadn't happened to have glanced back and turned around. The path, bridge, replection, shadows and greenery all seemed as though they were placed intentionally to creat a perfect composition. Without any thought at all the camera was set and the shot was taken. This is a stretch of the Grand Union Canal as it passes through Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill