Saturday, 13 June 2015

Lake Siutghiol Sunset, Table Benches and Nobody Home

Lake Siutghiol Sunset :- Siutghiol is a large body of water in Constanța, Northern Dobruja, Romania. It extends over 20 km² and has a maximum depth of 18 m and is seperated from the Black Sea by a thin strip of land that's the resort of Mamaia. The lake is often used for water sports like water skiing or sailing but in the winter up 90% of the lakes surface can freeze over.

Table Benches :- These wooden tables and benches at Scotney Castle look out towards Kilndown Wood in Kent. The estate of Scotney comprises of an incredible 770 acres of woodland and parkland. It's such a picturesque and beautiful place to explore and look around. Scotney Castle is run by the National Trust -

Nobody Home :- A dark, deep recess in the rocks at Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor conjures up thoughts of trolls, ogres and other mystical beasts. As I was setting up for the shot I was half expecting to see a pair of yellow eyes blinking back at me from within the darkness. Nobody is sure just how old the wood is but the trees and area are certainly ancient. The place is full of myths and legends with tales of Hell Hounds, the Devil and Ghosts etc. The rocks and twisted trees are covered in thick mosses and lichens which add even more to the fantasy look of the place.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill