Sunday, 14 June 2015

Octopus's Garden, Tomb and Back of Beyond

Octopus's Garden :- A different take and shot of an area that I have photographed on the odd occasion. This is the beach at Peacehaven during low tide. The rocks and seabed here are quite different from that of Saltdean, Rottingdean and Ovingdean which are located just a few miles West. So I carefully staggered out over the uneven and slippery terrain and spotted a large gap in the rocks. Somehow I maanaged to get myself reasonably low enough (whilst keeping my feet dry) to take this shot looking North west towards the white chalk cliff face.

Tomb of Lady Jane Waller :- This is an intero#ior shot of a section of Bath Abbey located in the historical City of Bath in Somerset. The large stone monument at the end is the Tomb of Lady Jane Waller who died in 1633. The tombe was provided by her husband Sir William Waller. Sir William was a Roundhead general in the English Civil War which ocurred between 1642-47.

Back of Beyond :- Tucked behind the village of Woodingdean on the Eastern outskirts of Brighton there's a large nature reserve that few know about. It's a large sprawling area of rolling land that's a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The reserve supports a large variety of a variety of flora and fauna and is listed as of biological interest due to its chalk grassland habitat. It's here that you'll also discover the ruins and remains of Newmarket Farm and the hamlet of Balsdean.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill