Friday, 12 June 2015

Smothered, Turing's Mug and Tone

Smothered :- As the heavy storm approached the Sussex coast and the City of Brighton it devoured all colour. Everything was turned to a dark grey / blue and now the storm was trying to feast on what little light was left too. But way out on the horizon a distnat star was fighting back and desperately trying to illuminate the scene as it slid down and away for the night. For a brief moment a section of sky was filled with golden light and then it was gone. The greyness returned to all within view and darkness took a hold of the remainder of the day.

Turing's Mug :- A little insight into a great mind and an even greater man. This is the old 1940's radiator that stands in a small hut within Bletchley Park, the home of the code breakers in Milton keynes, Buckinghamshire. Hut 8 (the section responsible for German naval cryptanalysis) was where a room was set aside for Alan Turing and his desk sat next to this radiator. Like many great minds Turing had his "eccentricities" and one of them was to chain his mug to the radiator pipe to stop anyone else from using it. Bletchley Park is now open to the public and seriously well worth a visit :-

Tone :- Anyone who's grown u in Brighton or has lived there ove rthe last ten years will known where this place is...or should I say was. This is an image of the old skateboard park which was located at The Level, a city centre park in Brighton. The park was closed down a coupld of years ago and completely redesigned and rennovated before opening up once more to the public in 2013. These old, wonky, noisy and cobbled together wooden ramps wer flattened and the area was turned into somewhere to sit and relax. The new skateboard area has been relocated wihtin the park and is a feast of concrete with twists and turns aplenty and is a vast improvement on what was there before.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill