Thursday, 18 June 2015

Terminal Sunset, Mole Bank and Peace of India

Terminal Sunset :- The title sounds more grim than it actually is. This is a shot of the Volk's Railway Black Rock Terminal Station just as the sun was going down on Brighton beach. The neo-classical station and building is actually also a pumping station as a large storm drain was constructed underneath and a deep level drainage tunnel runs from here all the way along to Hove. It's a building that many locals loathe and despise as it's not in keeping at all with the far more elegant georgian and Regency buildings on the upper level. It's also controversially slightly off-centre to the terraces that lead up to Lewes Crescent behind it. It is rather ugly but in the right light and conditions it does sometimes make for an interesting image.

Mole Bank :- The large lake is part of Painshill Park in Cobham , Surrey. The lake is fed by the wonderfully named 'River Mole' which winds alongside the park and passes through a portion of the park itself. A large waterwheel built by Bramah & Sons in the 1830’s lifts water from the river and places it in the ornamental lake. The waterwheel that does this has a diameter of 35 feet or 10.66 metres and is one of the largest working wheels in the country.

Peace of India :- "The Chattri" is a monument and war memorial high up on the downs behind Patcham on the outskirts of Brighton and Hove in Sussex. You cannot drive there as it's only accessible by bridleway. It was built in 1921 to honour the Indian dead of the First World War. It is constructed of White marble from Sicily, grey stone and granite. It is 29 feet or 8.8 meters in height. It's a very peacefullocation, set away far from the hustle and bustle of the city and wasy away from the busy bypass. Here you can sit and reflect in peace with only the odd bird song or bleating sheep to break the silence.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill