Monday, 22 June 2015

Two Mirrors, Shrouded and Brown Lines

Two Mirrors :- The village of Ovingdean now spreads from the Beacon Hill Nature Reserve all the way back to the Falmer Road where it borders with Rottingdean to the South and Woodingdean to the North. However it's beginnings were far more humble and the original section of the village where it all started is still there, though many don't realise it. The village is listed (two entries) in the Domesday Book of 1086 and the oldest section is at the back in a corner near the 11th Century Church. The village road is narrow and tight here as it winds around the bend and then up (or down depending which way you're going) to the newer parts built from the 1950's onwards. Some of the houses by that part of the road have concealed entrances so getting in and out of their driveways is not so easy when the road is winding, narrow and sometimes busy. A few houses have had mirrors placed opposite their driveways so that they can see what 's coming either way. The two mirrors in this image stand by a building that's part of Ovingdean Hall English Language School and are opposite The Ridings and Byre Cottages.

Shrouded :- An atmospheric and somewhat eerie shot and image of the West Pier ruins on brighton beach during a heavy sea mist. There were times when the old theatre section couldn't bee seen at all but then it would suddenly look out of the grey as the mist thineed out in places. It was like trying to watch or listen to something with a bad reception as it constantly faded in and out. The pier began life when it was designed by Eugenius Birch in 1866 but it eventually closed to the public in 1975.

Brown Lines :- Hot, sunny weather and open fields. Wonderful. The rolling section of farmland that you see in this image sits somewhere between the villages of Ovingdean and Roedean to the East of Brighton on the south coast of England. Crops have been cut and fields have been plowed leaving neat paths and lines. If it were possible for you to stand on tip toe or tilt the image so you could see over the hill in the background your eyes would land on the sprawling seaside City of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill