Monday, 15 June 2015

White Light, Light,Shade & Reflect and Country Fade

White Light :- I have to admit that I really like this shot and image. I know you shouldn't say that about your own work but I have to honest and own up that I am very pleased with it. There was a thick and heavy sea mist and fog that had enveloped Brighton's famous pier. Very few tourists had ventured out on it and I found that I pretty much had the place to myself. Grasping that opportunity I set out with the camera and came across this section with the lamps lit and the seagull resting. Just the life belt station adding a splash of colour, everything else is black, white or light brown. Beyond those famous Victorian railings there is no sea, there is no horizon, there is no sky. Just a vast emptiness created by the mist devouring everything in sight.

Light,Shade & Reflect :- Nothing but trees, water and an evening light. This is a small section of the Grand Union Canal as it passes through Milton Keynes. It's the sort of thing that many would walk past and not bother photographing but it caught my eye made me turn my camera towards it. Processing the image as a black and white added to the surreal and abstract quality of it all. For ages afterwards I had DalĂ­'s painting of "Swans Reflecting Elephants" going around in my head.

Country Fade :- A wonderful hazy rural scene. It was shot within the historic village and country estate of Firle which is located within the South Downs National Park in Sussex and is looking in a South Westerly direction towards the downs. Firle is yet anothe village in Sussex that is mentioned and listed within the Domeday book of 1086. For a while Virginia Woolf (the writer) rented a house in Firle and renamed it "Little Talland House". Her sister Vanessa Bell also moved to Firle and the village soon became a haunt of the Bloomsbury Group (an influential group of associated English writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists). Desmond Llewelyn, who famously played "Q" in the James Bond films also lived in Firle.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill