Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Window Seat, Way Through and Pulteney Bridge

Window Seat :- Not a set or mocked up room but the real thing. This is an interior shot of part of the entrance hall in Scotney Castle near Lamberhurst in Kent. The house was commissioned by Edward Hussey III in 1835 and later became the home of Christopher and Betty Hussey. When Christopher Hussey died in 1970 he left the gardens and estate to the National Trust and his wife Betty lived in the house until her death in 2006. The house is unusual in that most of what you see inside (furniture, ornaments, carpets, paintings, books etc) did in fact belong to Christopher and Betty Hussey. This grand Victorian house opened its doors to the public for the first time on June 6th 2007.

Way Through :- Nature fascinates me. It's full of fractals and Fibonacci numbers. Stream and rivers will find their own route and the planet in general is forever changing with a never ending flow of volcanic activity and earthquakes. So I was intrigued to find this break in the rocks on the beach at Ovingdean near Brighton. It looks natural but I couldn't work out quite why the sea had eroded this section of rocks away and not any others in the area. It cuts a clean path from the pebbled beach right up to where the sea has rolled out. Sand is where the chalk bed should be and it's pretty much rock and seaweed free. I thought it made for an interesting image so took the shot.

Pulteney Bridge & River Avon :- This is a shot taken from the North Parade Bridge over the River Avon looking up the river towards the architectural wonder that is the Pulteney Bridge in the Cityy of Bath. It's construction began in 1769 and it was finally completed in 1774. Remarkably it is only one of four bridges in the world to have shops across its full span and flanking both sides. The bridge is 45 metres (148 ft) in length and 18 metres (58 ft) in width and it comes as no surpirse to find that it's now a Grade I listed building.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill