Friday, 24 July 2015

1940's Bar, Walled Garden Greenhouse and Green Shirt

1940's Bar :- Bit of a cheat actually as this is not a real 1940's bar at all but rather a very good mock up of one that was used as part of a film set. The film in question was "The Imitation Game" and a few scenes were shot in Bletchley Park, the real home of the code breakers. They transformed the ornate and very beautiful ball room within Bletchley Manor into the bar and it's in this room that those scenes were filmed. Bizarrely enough they were the only scenes actually shot at Bletchley Park as most of the other scenes set at Bletchley were shot on soundstages which seems an odd thing to do as (approx) a third of "The Imitation Game" takes place at Bletchley Park. They must have had their reasons.

Walled Garden Greenhouse :- Not too far from the car park at Scotney Castle there's a large Victorian walled garden. The Grade II listed garden was created sometime around 1840 and is (approximately) 50 metres by 50 metres with 3 metre (10 feet) high walls. Set against the side of the Northern wall there's a large greenhouse which apparently is now closed off to the public due to loose glass panels (thought of the 1992 film "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" spring to mind).

Green Shirt :- I hadn't even spotted the discarded green short on the rocks (right of image) when I was taking the shot. It was only when I finally returned to brighton and started to process the images that i realised it was there so the image ended up being titled after it! This is the double harbour of Mevagissey which is a small village and fishing port in Cornwall. The weather had been dark and threatening all day long with the odd drop off rain and downpour from time to time. I managed to find a break in the rain to grab a few shots across the harbour before retreating to the safety of a nearby Cornish pub ... but I would have done that anyway even if it had been sunny!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill