Sunday, 26 July 2015

Brighton Kiosk, Vaulted and Amber

Brighton Kiosk :- This was shot way back on the 20th July 2012. At the time this small brick built unit was serving as a souvenir / gift shop and it remoned me of all the souvenir / gift shops that you come across in London. Everything has a Union Jack on it or a picture of "Big Ben" or it's a model of a red double becker bus or it's a policeman's helmet etc etc etc. Shortly after this was taken the business shut down and vanished for good. The unit however is still there and in 2013 it reopened as "Cutter & Grinder", a Chicago style barber shop that offers traditional wet shaves, razor sharp shaves and classic or contemporary haircuts (

Vaulted :- I was lucky to spot this at all as it's reasonably hidden away just inside the entrance to the botanical Museum Gardens that are set around the Yorkshire Museum in the City of York in Yorkshire. Throughout the gardens there are the medieval ruins of St. Mary’s which was a Benedictine Abbey founded in 1088 and is now a Grade I listed building. However, I am not at all sure if the structure in this image is part of St mary's or not as it's well away from the main ruins and set within the old Roman walls of what was once Eberacum (the Roman name for York). This area was gated off and locked from the public but there was a bench situated outside that I managed to stand on so I could see through the heavily barred stone window above. I carefully managed to get my camera between the bars and then balance it on the ancient stone sill to get the shot.

Amber :- Simple, plain and unlcuttered. Sand, sea and sky. Peace, quiet and calm. Breathe and relax. No more needs to said. Shot at Ovingdean Gap near Brighton on the south coast of England.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill