Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dark Shambles, Progress and Fata Morgana

Dark Shambles :- This is my favourite street / road in the whole of England and it's within my favourite city too. This is The Shambles (once called the The Great Flesh Shambles) in the City of York in Yorkshire. The street is so old that it's actually mentioned in the Domesday Book which was compiled and written in 1086. It was once a street full of Butchers shops and some of the buildings / shops in the street still have meat hooks hanging outside and the wooden shelves where the meat would have originally been displayed. There's a cobbled channel that runs up the middle of the street between the raised pavements . This is where the butchers would have wash away their offal and blood twice a week and it's because of this that the word "Shambles" is still used in modern day language to mean an absolute mess. It's not often that you get to walk up a real Medieval street but this is one as many of the buildings flanking the street date back to the late fourteenth and fifteenth century (around 1350-1475).

Progress :- Brighton Marina was built between 1971 and 1979. During the 80's other constructions took place and the inner non tidal harbour had a section transformed into the Marina Village along with a few shops, bars and restaurants. Then it all went very quiet and the Marina settled down. But then a year or so ago there was suddenly a hive of activity on the Western side within the outer tidal harbour. The sea water was somehow pushed out from an area and several central columns started to rise up which we later found out to be the lift shafts and central cores of several tower blocks. When finished they will literally tower over the boats and harbour and most probably block a lot of light. This shot was taken just a day or so ago on Thursday 23rd July 2015.

Fata Morgana :- As I stood on the beach taking this shot I found myself looking out to sea at the spectacle before me and thinking of Dante Alighieri's 14th-century poem the "Divine Comedy" and its first part "Inferno" which describes his journey through Hell. There are moments which are quite literally breath taking and it's hard to convey just what it was like to be there at the time. This was one of them. I will simply let the image speak for itself. It was shot on the beach at Ovingdean Gap on 20th December 2014 somewhere around 5:30 pm.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill