Saturday, 18 July 2015

Evening Green, Between a Rock... and Time to Go

Evening Green :- A shot looking North East across Rottingdean village pond. Way back in time a small settlement of Saxons developed a small community around this very pond and the seeds of Rottingdean​ village (near the City of Brighton) were born. Between the pond and the buildings there's a narrow one way village road known as 'The Green' which winds down and around the pond and slowly edges you towards the seafront.

Between a Rock & a Wet Place :- This was shot somewhere (roughly half way) between Ovingdean and Brighton Marina. There are a couple of wide access ramps that slope down to the beach and pebbles and boulders have been piled up against them to help break up the rage of the sea and waves when it's high tide. The sun was bright, hot and high in the sky when I shot this back in July 2014. The beach was free from tourists here and there were very few people about in general.

Time to Go :- This magnificent diplay put on by mother nature caught me by surprise completely. The sky had been rather grey and drab and was on the verge of turning around and making my way back home when the sky suddenly exploded and burst into colour sending vibrant hues bouncing off the explosed chalk sea bed. It was shot at Ovingdean Gap (one of my favourite spots) well away from the noise and hubbub of Brighton just a few miles away to the West.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill