Sunday, 5 July 2015

Fairy Tale Castle, Push Bar and It Comes To This

Fairy Tale Castle :- I find it hard to look at this small but beautifully formed castle without thinking of 'Rumpelstiltskin', 'Rapunzel' and other famous tales collected by the Brothers Grimm. This is the ruin of Scotney Old Castle, a real medieval, moated manor house on an island in a small lake near Lamberhurst in Kent, England. Roger Ashburnham is credited with building the castle somehwere around 1378 to 1380 due to the French invading the coast of Sussex in 1377. Now the ruins sit at the bottom of a large landscaped garden with Scotney New Castle (built between 1835 and 1843) overlooking them.

Push Bar To Open :- Sometimes the most mundane and ordinary things make the best images. I'd been walking for an hour or so along the tow path of the Grand Union Canal in Milton keynes and had eventually made it back to where I was staying. As luck would have it right next door to the hotel there was a large pub which backed onto the canal so I decided to grab a pint and rest by the water. The sun was starting to lower to the West throwing the back of the building and myself into the shade. For some unknown reason the open door grabbed my attention and I thought it was worthy of a shot. I'm not really sure what caught my eye but something must have registered with me so I took the shot and then turned my attention to the pint i'd bought.

It Comes To This :- Looking like a 'Mordor' sunset this was the scene from Brighton and Hove beach on the 28th November 2014. I'd wandered into town hoping to catch a dramatic and full on sunset but was annoyed to find thick dark cloud had kicked into touch any chance of that at all. So I decided to try a bit of 'damage control' and carried on walking along the seafront anyway in the hope that I'd spot the odd shot or two and at least get something in the camera. Just as I got to the border where Brighton and Hove meet there was a split and break in the clouds and molten light poured through amidst a thick blanket of grey. The sea threw the colour around for a while before getting bored and returned to being its moody self. This is one of the reasons I love Brighton so much, no sunset is ever the same and each and everyone is a mind blowing experience. I hear many photographers moan when people take sunset shots as they often say it's the easy way out etc. I think they've missed the point completely . It's not about how easy or difficult a shot or subject is at all ... it's about the beauty of it. Forget about f stops, apertures and your holdall full of lenses. Open your eyes, take a deep breath and rejoice in the majesty of nature and the planet we're on.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill