Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hassocks, Sense of Calm and West Dart River

Hassocks :- This is an interior shot (obviously) of the Church of St Mary the Virgin (known as St Mary's) in Kemp Town, Brighton. The Church was origianlly founded in 1826 and was dedicated on the 18th January 1827. However, in 1876 the chancel walls caved in and the roof fell inwards and the building collapsed completely. On 29th May 1877 a new foundation stone was laid and a new (and more substantial) structure was built in the Gothic style. It took two years to complete and the new church was dedicated on the 15th October 1878. The Church is now a Grade II* listed building but various signs placed on its walls warn you of the aged masonry and windows. This year the Heritage Lottery Fund backed the restoration of St Mary's historic exterior. The title of the image refers to the cushions (known as 'Hassocks') that the parishioners kneel on when praying.

Sense of Calm :- There's something incredibly serene about this image and shot. Processing it as a black and white image seemed to enhace the overall calmness of it all. It was shot on the tow path of the Grand Union Canal as it passes through an area known as Waterside in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. I managed to catch it without any narrowboats passing through so the water was incredibly still.

West Dart River :- Staggeringly beautiful, rugged and natural this is a shot of Dartmoor National Park and the West Dart River. The shot was taken somewhere between Wistman's Wood and Two Bridges in Princetown. The river is one of two two main tributaries of the River Dart in Devon with its source near Lower White Tor. Dartmoor National Park is 954 square kilometres and part of the National Trust.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill