Sunday, 19 July 2015

Silhouettes & Shadows, St Nicholas Door and Always Believing

Silhouettes & Shadows :- Spotted and shot as I was walking out of the park towards where I'd left the car. The late afternoon sun was just in the right position to throw long shadows and the entire scene caught my eye. This is a (small) section of Tilgate Park in Crawley, West Sussex. The 400 acre park dates right back to 1647 and has received the prestigious Green Flag Award (the benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in the United Kingdom) many times over. Tilgate Park also contains 7 National Champion Trees (Champion trees are the tallest, fattest or oldest of their species in the U.K.) within its grounds.

St Nicholas Door :- There's some serious history going on within this image. This is the side door of the Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Bramber in West Sussex. The church was originally built by the Normans as the chapel to Bramber Castle. The castle now stands in ruins but remarkably the church somehow outlived the castle it was part of and survived. All these facts add up to St Nicholas being the oldest post-conquest Norman church in Sussex. The 11th Century south doorway you see here was the entrance from the village with access from the castle being via the much larger (and now blocked up) arch on the north side.

Always Believing :- A chilly late afternoon in November provided me with this atmoshperic image. I was walking aloong the line of the beach from Brighton Marina towards it's famous pier and Victorian seafront when the sun caught the cloud and lit it up. Winter skies are always seem to be much more spectacular than those of the other seasons.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill