Saturday, 22 August 2015

360° Sunset, Light Wall and So Near Yet So Far

360° Sunset :- A smouldering sky begins to simmer down and die over the Sussex coast and Brighton. The shot was taken from the East Street groyne / breakwater (the first concrete groyne ever to be built in Brighton in 1867) just as it was approaching 9 pm. The beach still had a lot of people on it as the day had been hot and the evening was very warm and yet to cool down. Just to the right of center you can see the remains of the West Pier and to the right of that you can clearly see a large crane and an even larger 'pole' to the right of that. The 'pole' is in fact the i360 which is currently being built on the lower promenade opposite Brighton's Regency Square. When it's completed the i360 will become the World’s tallest moving observation tower. When completed it will stand at an impressive and dizzying 162 metres with the viewing pod climbing to a height of 450 feet (or 138 metres). It's estimated that from the top you'll have a 360° view of (approx) 26 miles (weather permitting).

Light Wall :- I just managed to catch the sea wall of the undercliff walk at the right moment for this shot and image. It;'s not often you see it reflecting the light like this. It's normally dark, grey and drab but on this occasion the evening light and cloud cover caused an odd thing to happen. The chalk cliffs that usually stand out due to their whiteness were thrown into shadow and greyed out to match the rocks below and the defensive sea wall caught the light which visually brought it forward. I had to carefully scramble up the huge rocks to get myself to a decent height for the shot but it was worth it.

So Near Yet So Far :- One solitary light. That's all we are given to provide some illumination and therefore secure our safety. This is the walkway that runs from the end of Madeira Drive and the "Kemp Town Slopes" down towards Brighton Marina (which you can see all lit up in the background). You take your chances coming this way at night. One small area of light lures you into a false sense of security as the darkness pools itself all around you. There are a lot of walls, fences, bushes and recesses in this area that can hide many a creature of the night. If it was up to me i'd have the entire area floodlit.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill