Friday, 21 August 2015

Above Fulking, John Saville & Sons and Overcast Bay

Above Fulking :- Sounds like a bit of a rude title at first but I assure you it's nothing of the sort. Fulking is a village in West Sussex that's located on the north slopes of the South Downs. The village is famous for the "Shepherd and Dog" pub that's on the outskirts by a natural spring. This image was shot from the top of a legendary beauty spot and area known as "Devil's Dyke" which is (approx) five miles to the north of Brighton. The fames landscape painter John Constable (1776-1837) described the view from Devil’s Dyke as 'the grandest view in the world'. I'm sure he may well have changed his tune if he'd stood overlooking the Grand Canyon or Victoria Falls or any other breath taking scenery that's since been documented around the globe but considering the time frame he was in and the fact that air travel was at that time out of the question in his own mind and thoughts he was absolutely right. It's still a stunning place to stand and look out over the downs and upon much of Sussex.

John Saville & Sons :- A step back in time to when your medicine didn't come in plastic bottles or small foil backed vacuum plastic packing stuffed into large cardboard boxes to make you think you were getting your money's worth! John Saville & Sons were Pharmaceutical Chemists in the City of York. Once they had passed their exams a Pharmaceutical Chemist was able to mix, create and sell products of their own making instead of relying on pre-made products and medicines that were bought in. John Saville [1834-1926] founded his retail & pharmaceutical chemist business at No. 4 Goodramgate (near the City’s medieval gateway, Monk Bar) in May 1876. It became one of York’s longest lasting pharmaceutical businesses. This faithful recreation of Saville's chemist store can be found in "Kirkgate", the famous Victorian street (built in 1938) that's inside the York Castle Museum.

Overcast Bay :- An image that evokes a mixture of feelings. Colourful, happy looking houses and cottages sit on a rocky outcrop overlooking the harbour whilst a cold sea and damp, darkening sky redress the balance. This is the fishing port and village of Mevagissey in Cornwall. The harbour has two walls / protective arms. The outer wall (which I was standing on for this shot) was built in 1897 but the inner wall (which you can see just beyond the boats in this image) was built in 1774. It was a village with a well known smuggling trade and history and was also the home of Andrew Pears who was the founder of Pears' Soap.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

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