Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bonehill Rocks, Saint William's College and Blue Moon Sunset

Bonehill Rocks :- I'm not quite sure why some granite outcrops are called tors on Dartmmor whilst others are simply called rocks. At first I thought it was something to do with size but I have seen small tors and bigger rocks so that rules that idea out. Anyway, whatever they are called they are all impressive and very awe inspiring. The shot is deceiving as this outcrop known as "Bonehill Rocks" doesn't look to be all that big in the image but it actually towered over me when I was up close to it. Bonehill Rocks sits in a chain of four on the edge of another rocky outcrop called Chinkwell Tor and is near a small village named Widecombe-in-the-Moor. Dartmoor istelf is a vast and often bleak landscape with National Park status covering an area of 954 square kilometres. The granite that forms the tors and rock piles is from the Carboniferous Period which is somewhere around 309 million years ago so the rocks are probably well bored by now and quite possibly thinking about moving on.

Saint William's College :- I was extremely lucky with this image for several reasons. The area is usually busy with tourists being lead around by tour guides or there are vehicles driving through or parked at the side of the road etc. I just happened to get there during an unusually quiet moment so seized the chance to grab a shot. Just as I set up the camera and positioned the tripod a break in the cloud sent sunlight spilling across the half of the building that was nearest to me and also lit the cobbled road. Perfect ... I couldn't have asked for more. This is St William’s College (in the City of York) and it was built in 1465 for the Chantry Priests of York Minster (the Minster can be seen in silhouette on the left edge of the image). The College building is named after William Fitzherbert who was the Archbishop of York between 1143 and 1147 and he was also the great-grandson of William the Conqueror. Move on a few hundred years and you discover that during the English Civil War (1640 - 1646) the building housed the printing presses of King Charles I. As with a lot of York's historical buildings Saint William's College is said to be haunted.

Blue Moon Sunset :- An image that is quite literally hot of the press as it was shot last night (31st July 2015) on the beach at Ovingdean Gap, Brighton , Sussex. The salt waters of the English Channel were eerily quiet and still when I made it down to the beach. The tide was somewhere between low and high but there were no waves to be seen, just ripples and the gentle lapping of water against the line of the shore. It was all very surreal. The sunset didn't last for too long as there wasn't enough cloud cover about to extend the display but burn behind the City of Brighton was spectacular. Meanwhile just behind me the second full moon of the month was beginning to rise. This is a rare occurance and known as a "Blue Moon".

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill