Sunday, 16 August 2015

Bramber Grounds, The Great West Door and Receeding Tide

Bramber Grounds :- I was lucky with this shot. I'd set it up and was about to take it when the sun broke through and flooded the background and ruin with light. The added bonus was that the foreground remained heavily in shadow. I couldn't have planned it any better. What you are looking at here is the ruins of Bramber Castle in the village of Bramber, West Sussex. This entire area was once part of the large Norman motte-and-bailey castle. The trees on the left rise up on a central hill which was once the motte with the stone keep perched on the top. The tall stone section of ruin in the distance is all that remains of the Gatehouse tower. Sections of wall are still visible around the perimeter and the (now empty) moat still thunders around down below the entire complex. The castle was founded by William de Braose in 1075.

The Great West Door :- The magnificent frontage of York Minster is truly stunning. The doors are roughly three people high and surounded by intricate stone carvings and figures depicting the story of Adam and Eve. The Minster itself towers above and is the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe.

Receeding Tide :- The tidal pull and drag of shingle is a wonderful sound. The beach is constantly changing with every wave. Twice a day it gets to rest before the sea rolls in again and moves it all around once more. Every coastline of every bit of land on the planet is subject to this action. All of it being rearranged and moved around.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill