Monday, 17 August 2015

Coppergate Helmet, Basal and Cascade

Coppergate Helmet :- I love this. It's not a prop, it's not plastic, it's not an part of an elaborate movie costume. This is the real thing. The Coppergate Helmet was unearthed by the operator of a a mechanical digger in 1982. It was found in the City of York in an area known as Coppergate which was named after the Viking cup making trade that was in that area and not after the metal. It's an 8th Century helmet and is one of only four Anglo-Saxon helmets discovered. The helmet is constructed from iron and brass containing 85% copper. There is Latin on the helmet which reads IN NOMINE : DNI : NOSTRI : IHV : SCS : SPS : DI : ET : OMNIBVS : DECEMVS : AMEN: OSHERE : XPI (Translation - "In the name of our Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God; and to all we say Amen / Oshere / Christ")

Basal :- This is a shot that would normally be impossible to take. At low tide the old, broken and worn breakwater just sits on rocks, at high tide it's constantly being battered by waves. Due to the peculiarly calm evening the sea was still and virtually motionless. It was as flat as the eye could see. No rolling waves, no white horses, just a flat wet plain out to the horizon.

Cascade :- Shot at the far western end of the lake in Painshill Park in Cobham , Surrey. The cascade refers to the small rocky water feature that can be seen just left of center in this image. The park was quite quiet on the afternoon that I visited so I pretty much had the place tro myself and was free to wander and take photos without anyone getting in my shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill