Monday, 24 August 2015

Night Mouse, Minster Gates and Onward

Night Mouse :- "'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!". Well it wasn't the night before Christmas, in fact it wasn't even December. It was close enought though as this was shot on a chilly eve at the end of November back in 2013. The mouse? Yeah, that wasn't stirring at all as it was the end of the night and the ride on the end of Brighton's famous pier had closed but was still flood lit.

Minster Gates :- I had to wait ages to get this shot. The tiny liitle side street called 'Minster Gates' runs connects Minster Yard and the Mighty York Minster Cathedral with High Petergate, Low Petergate and the famous Stonegate road in the City of York. Becasue it's a main thoroughfare it's often packed with tourists and groups of people being lead around by tour guides etc. I managed to finally get the shot I was wanting by waiting it out in The Punch Bowl pub until 7pm and then nipping out again to take the shot. It was poure luck that the woman having her photo taken in the background was perfectly mirrored by the window on the left. I love the way York Minster dominates the image.

Onward :- It looks like I took this shot in the middle of nowhere but I was closer to civilisation than it appears. The path / bridleway that I was on runs between the villages of Ovingdean and Woodingdean to the east of Brighton. The end of the path brings you out by Brighton Racecourse which saw its first public race held in 1783.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill