Saturday, 29 August 2015

One Million Years B.C., Chocolate Heaven and Henge

One Million Years B.C. :- Ok, so I'll own up and say the title's a tad misleading as the shot was actually taken during December 2014. Having said that there is a promordial feel and look to this image and to be honest it felt like I was standing well before civilisation and at the gates of time when i took the shot. This sunste came from out of the blue. Nothing much seemed to be happening at all and i was just considering if I should call it a day or not when all of a sudden this spectacular display erupted and lit up the horizon. Needless to say it took my breath away and left me in awe. The shot was taken from one of my favourite spots in Sussex which is the beach at Ovingdean Gap just to the East of Brighton.

Chocolate Heaven :- This is one place i will never ever tire of visiting. If you ever wonderred what it felt like to be Dr Who as you step out of the TARDIS then coming here is probably to closest you'll ever get to how he feels. This is the "Shambles" in the City of York in Yorkshire. The street is so old (over 900 years) it's actually got its own mention in the Domesday Book which was compiled and written in 1086. This was once a Medieval street full of Butchers shops, somehow it survived the anals of time and is now a street full of tourists, souvenir shops and small boutiques. I managed to get this shot of the street relatively empty of peole by patiently waitong for the tourist to go home and then nipping back at 7 pm to grab this moody shot just as the light was failing. In 2010 the street was voted "Britain's Most Picturesque Street" after Google Street View did an online vote. It's also Europe's best preserved Medieval street.

Henge :- A long shot looking across the ditch towards the ancient henge that is Avebury in Wiltshire. The defintition of a henge is is a roughly circular or oval-shaped flat area enclosed and delimited by a boundary earthwork - usually a ditch with an external bank. What makes Avebury special is that it's the largest stone cirlce in Europe and said to be also the largest on the planet. It's also unique in that the village of Avebury is partly enclosed within the Neolithic monument making it the only henge with a church and public house within it. Avebury was (and still partially is) constructed of three stone circles and was erected some 4,500 years ago. When seen from the air it's positivley mind blowing as the site dwarfs that of Stonehenge which is just 35 kilometres or 22 miles South. You can see for yourself with this Google Map reference :-

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill