Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Outside the Music Room Gallery, Marble Arch and The River Cuckmere

Outside the Music Room Gallery :- Quite a mouthful of a title for this image but to be honest I wasn't quite sure what to call it but it's as good a title as any and it describes exactly what it is an image of. It was shot in the gardens of the Royal Pavilion and displays the intricate and idiosyncratic architectural genius of John Nash (1752 – 1835) who was responsible for the developement and stages of the Pavilion that made it so famous.

Marble Arch :- This is the pedestrian walkway and tunnel on Leeman Road in the City of York. It passes underneath the rail lines and tracks that go to and from the train station. Apparently its original use was for carrying mail and other items under the railway to the local Shops. The Victorian glazed brick tunnel is one of the main pedestrian and cycle routes to the National Railway Museum. I shot this around 4:30 pm and managed to get it in a fleeting moment free from people and bikes. It was quite an eerie place by day, I'd hate to have to walk through it at night!

The River Cuckmere :- Shot from the banks of the River Cuckmere and looking North towards Exceat to the East of Seaford in Sussex. Exceat is a very old and ancient village and after 1066 it was given to Robert, the Count of Mortain who was the half brother of William the Conqueror. After suffering various raids by the French and having also endured the ravages of the Plague (1348 to 1350) Exceat was pretty much abandoned by the 15th Century. The area is now part of the Seven Sisters Country Park. The shot was taken near to where the river and the South Downs meets the English Channel.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill