Friday, 14 August 2015

S2, Citadel and Reflections of Romance

S2 :- I have to be honest , put my hand up and say that I am not a fan at all of the processing technique where a shot is turned into a black and white image but a patch of colour is selected to remain. It always looks very amateur to me, as if someone's still at art college and struggling to be arty and different whilst thinking they're very clever. It is a personal thing and I'm sure many photogra[hers out there love doing that to their images and I am sure that just as many are out there and love looking at those images but it's not for me. This image looks like one of those images but I can assure you it's not. This is in fact a full colour image which was shot down on the undercliff walk at Saltdean which is just to the East of Brighton on the South Coast. The 'greenery' at the bottom is dusty and rather dull. The stonework is old and chalk stained in places. Only the lifebelt cover provides the splash of colour in an otherwise drab and colourless world.

Citadel :- One of my favourite haunts is the beach at Ovingdean Gap. It's the nearest beach to where I live and one that's often free from tourists and noise. It's a relativley peaceful place where you can hear yourself think and feel yourself breathe. There's a huge concrete slab set into part of the chalk face that's always fascinated me. It's the only one set into the cliffs and I have no idea what it was built for. I presume it was constructed as part of the sea defences but if that's so why weren't others built? I have searched online but found no information regarding the structure at all but I do know that the undercliff walk and steps at Ovingdean Gap were built in the early 1930's. From the beach that section of the cliffs looks like a giant fortress with huge stone gates. It reminds me of the massive wooden gates in the original 1933 King Kong film.

Reflections of Romance :- Stunning isn't it. Not a film set or expensive bit of CGI but a real medieval, moated manor house dating from the 14th Century. This is 'old' Scotney Castle which can be found near Lamberhurst in Kent, England. I found it was hard to walk around the gardens and ruins withought thinking of the tales compiled by the Brothers Grimm. The tower evoked images of Rapunzel, spinning wheels and strange little men asking you to guess their name. This is where you could sleep for 100 years and be woken by a kiss. Where a frog could turn out to be a prince or the prince could be turned into a beast. In reality there's no princess kept in the tower, no golden ball being dropped in the moat and no hero arriving on a well groomed stallion ... just a lot of tourists and some serious English history.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill