Saturday, 8 August 2015

Set, Block Water and Bootham Bar

Set :- A very fresh image indeed as it was shot last night and only processed this morning. This is a view of Brighton from the public bridleway that runs alongside East Brighton Golf Course. The time was around 21:15 and I was making my way back to Ovingdean village when I stopped to quickly grab the shot. The view is looking West (obviously) and shows the lights of Whitehawk, Kemptown and the Racehill. The famous pier can be seen to the left of the image twinkling away with its 62,000 light bulbs and further to the right of that you can see the white lights of the Brighton Wheel which is located on the prom to the East of the pier's entrance (so that gives you an idea of the length of the pier). To the right of the Brighton Wheel you can see a large crane with a tower on its right hand side. There's a red light on top of the tower to warn aircraft of its height. That's the i360 being built on the lower promenade on the site where the West pier once had its entrance. Beyond that you can see the lights along the coastline of Lancing and Worthing.

Block Water :- I love low tide. It exposes an entire world that's hidden from view twice a day. Bit's of old breakwater, blocks from the Victorian era, rocks, chalk, seaweed and limpets. My favourite stretch of beach is way away from the tourists of Brighton. You'll not find any fish and chip kiosks or noisy flashing arcade games here. In fact it's very rare that you find any tourists here as this is a secluded spot there locals come to relax, take in the sun and get away from the seaside resort mayhem that Brighton is famous for. This beach is between Brighton and the village of Rottingdean and it's reasonably well hidden and only accessible by foot or bicycle. I often find myself as the only one here, nobody else around. It's wonderful.

Bootham Bar :- I love the City of York. It's probably the nearest you can get to walking around a real medieval city. The streets are narrow and winding. It's buildings are a mixture of modern, georgian and medieval. The original City layout is still surrounded by its walls and the walls are interspersed with large and ancient gates known as "Bars" (short for Barbicans). very now and then you get to a certain point where the mighty York Minster with its two towers is bearing down on you or looking over the street that you're in. The entire place feels like you've stepped out of your own Tardis after having set the controls for the 12th Century. So what you see here is a view of Bootham Bar from the road known as High Petergate. The shot is off the back of the three storey stone tower so at this point you would have managed to gain access to the City and would been within its huge protective walls. The main archway is from the 11th Century but much of the rest of the tower dates from the 14th Century which was when it was heightened. It's hard to understand what made them even think about doing it but in 1832 it was very nearly demolished altogether and was only saved by the public kicking up a fuss. Just to bring hojme what you are looking at here Bootham Bar once displayed the decapitated heads of traitors as a warning to others. Welcome to the real medieval world.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill