Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Soseaua de Centura, Evening Beach and Well, Tree & Green

Centura Călimănești :- This is a shot of the Hydroelectric Dam on the Olt River in Romania. The river is the is the longest flowing river through Romania and it flows into the Danube river near Turnu Măgurele. I shot the image as we stopped to fuel up the van and grab a quick bite and drink before taking on the incredibly long (623 km or 387 miles) and winding European route E81. I have to put my hand up and honestly say that the E81 gave me one of the most excellent and thrilling drives I have ever taken on. The reason for this is that that the Fagaras Mountains rise up from the Transylvanian Plateau with jagged edges and the highest point is the Moldoveanu peak (at 2,545 meters) and the E81 parallels the river as it cuts through the mountains. That section of road is 71 kilometers of bends, dips and drops so you have to really stay on the ball.

Evening Beach :- Brighton's famous pier and seaside attraction on a calm and tranquil Saturday evening just a few days ago. The sun had already dippened beyond the horizon but its effects were still being felt and seen as the sea was very still and the air was still warm. A few people were still sitting on the pebbled beach but most of the day trippers had decided to leave early and make their weary way home.

Well, Tree & Green :- This is a shot of part of the village green in Rottingdean, Sussex. The first recorded mention of the village is in the Domesday Book (as Rotingeden) of 1086. The village's origins go back much further though to Saxon times (as its name suggests) which werre around 450–500 AD. The spelling of its name changed throughout the centuries to Ruttingedene in 1272), Rottyngden in 1315 and Rottendeane in 1673. Now of course it's well known as Rottingdean and that particular spelling seems to have been since set in stone (until it's changed again in another century or so). The flint wall in the background is that iof "The Elms" which is where Rudyard Kipling lived for a period of time with his wife and children. This is the section of green that his Uncle , the esteemed Pre-Raphaelite painter Sir Edward Burne-Jones would have looked out upon as his house was ( and still is as the building is still there) to the left of this image.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill