Saturday, 15 August 2015

Sunstrip, Lady Peckett's Yard and Multi Levelled Gap

Sunstrip :- An unexpeted shot and opportunity. I'd driven down to the coast with the intention of photographing the setting sun from the beach at low tide. I cannot park on the coast road so had to find a space on the side road leading up to it. The side road where I parked is flanked by fields and this was the view over the field to the west as I got out of the car. I ran a short way down the road to where a large gate was open and giving me access to the field as I wanted to get the camera close to the crop to add a little moire interest and depth to the overall shot. The final image turned out way better than I'd anticipated.

Lady Peckett's Yard :- Way back in 1986 a photo was taken of me as a fresh faced 20 year old wandering down this very alleyway. You can see that photo here - . The thing is for years I've looked at that image and as much as I knew it had been taken in the City of York I couldn't for the life of me remember where in the City of York the alleyway was. On each occasion that I found myself in that historical walled wonderland I'd looked for it and never found it. But then this July (2015) I spent a week exploring the City once again and found it quite by accident ... and I wasn't even looking for it this time! This is 'Lady Peckett's Yard' which is a tight and narrow lane that runs south - east from a road called 'Pavement' and then dog legs in a hard right angle to connect at the bottom with the ancient street of 'Fossgate'. The shot was taken looking up towards where it exits out into 'Pavement'. The lane is named after Alice Peckett who was the wife of John Peckett who was the Lord Mayor of York in 1701. She is apparently one of the ghosts that haunts the nearby Golden Fleece Pub which is reputedly the most haunted pub in England. York has many little lanes and alleyways dotted around and they are known as "Snickelways". Originally this medieval alley was called Bacusgail and then later became Bakehouse Lane before being named after Lady Peckett. If you like confectionary and chocolate you may also be interested to know that Joseph Rowntree once owned a considerable number of properties and warehouses in this alley.

Multi Levelled Gap :- I love taking photos in the halflight. There's nothing quite like it. Neither day nor night there's an odd light and hue that takes over for a brief period of time. When it's the other way around and dawn takes over from night the look is very different. It's a much colder and harder light. The subject matter of this image is the huge set of steps that connect the lower undercliff walk with the cliff tops at Ovingdean Gap near Brighton. They don't look too bad in this image but you can take it from me that they are indeed 'calf killers' as the muscles in the back of your lags are burning by the time you get to the top. They are 1930's built and quite steep. the lower / bottom section is a tight spiral.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill