Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wasted, Remains To Be Seen and Rugged Coast

Wasted :- Boarded up and covered in graffiti, this is the empty and derelict site at Black Rock near Brighton Marina. To the left of the image you have the vast sprawling seascape that is the English Channel, looking straight ahead towards the West you can see the skyline of Brighton itself, to the right nothing but wasteland. An ugly, grey, concrete expanse of unsighlty nothingness. The Victorians and Edwardians of old would have a fit if they could see it now!

Remains To Be Seen :- It's hard to look at these large clumps of stone and wall and imagine Royalty wandering past them. But they did once. These are the ruins of Bramber Castle which was founded just a few years after the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Invasion. For much of the time the castle was owned by the de Braose family but between 1199 and 1216 it was 'confiscated' by King John. King John was one of five sons to King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. A lot of skullduggery ensued and thus evntually a feud between Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) and John began until he was eventually made King after Richard I died in 1199. All in all King John sounds like he was a nasty peice of work. William de Braose's wife (Maud) and eldest son (William) were captured and allegedly murdered by King John. The story goes that they were starved to death while incarcerated at Windsor Castle and Corfe Castle in 1210.

Rugged Coast :- To get this shot i was standing on the outer harbour wall overlooking Mevagissey Bay. The village of Mevagissey is a small Cornish fishing port full of narrow roads and twitsing lanes. When I originally took this shot I thought the building that's high up on top of the rock face was a hotel but having taken a look at it on Google Maps using street view I have come to the conclusion that it's actually private apartments with one incredible view. I am always amazed at mans ability to build things in stupid places. We are forever building on the edge of things that will in time wear and crumble. Coastlines are forever changing and shifting. It's probably an awesome place to live but i'm not sure I'd feel all that comfortable being so close to the edge!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill