Monday, 31 August 2015

Wood & Water, York Lines and Under a Cloud

Wood & Water :- Here's an image I have had on file for a considerable amount of time. In fact it was taken on 31st August 2012 ... three years ago today! It was shot by the roadside near the bridge that crosses the River Cuckmere at Exceat in Sussex. I'd been walking for several hours with the camera and was finally on my way back when this little green and watery scene caught my eye.

York Lines :- At the time it was an afterthought and "throw away" shot. I remember thinking 'I may as well take it as I'm passing' and then thinking nothing of it afterwards. It wasn't until I processed it as a black and white image that i realised just how striking it was. It was taken on a section of a raod called Bootham (A19) where the train tracks pass underneath in York. This section of track is only afew minutes (by train) from York's main station.

Under a Cloud :- An uncluttered and uncomplicated shot and image. I didn't even have to go that far to take it as the it was shot from the top of the hill near where I live. The dark, rolling hills are farmland and the East Brighton Golf Course. You wouldn't know it but over the brow of that black horizon there's the sprawling seaside resort and City of Brighton itself. Here all is quiet. Here all is calm. Here is where I live ... under a cloud.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill