Tuesday, 25 August 2015

World on Water, Shameful and Onwards & Upwards

World on Water :- The majority of Brighton Marina was built between 1971 and 1979. At the time of it's 'completion' the inner and outer harbour both consisted of various jetties, a lot of water and a lot of berths and boats. A few years later the marina was sold on and in 1986 a superstore and 'Marina Village' began to be built after section s of the inner harbour were 'reclaimed'. Jump on a few years again and in 1988 the cinema, casino and car park began to be built. Slowy the complex began to get more clustered and built up. Right now a new construction site is beginning to take shape as huge tower blocks to the West of the Marina are starting to reach skywards. The 127 acre Brighton Marina is one of the largest man made marinas in the world.

Sun Lounge :- An old sign above head gives an indication of just how grand and splendid the Madeira Drive Arches and seafront once was. The sign can still clearly be read as saying “Madeira Sun Lounge Cafeteria”. I do not know when the sign dates from but the ornate filigree iron arches were constructed in 1890. Now the walkway and arches are closed to the public due to saftey concerns as the iron work and terrace above are deemed unsafe. The image is deceiving as it looks like i'd gained entry to the walkway itself but I hadn't. There was a small section open to allow pedestrians access to a large flight of stairs and I merely placed my camera lens between the mesh of the gate that prevented access and took the shot. As luck would have it the sign was just infront.

Onwards and Upwards :- A steep, worn and rutted path leads up the side of alotments towards the famous windmill and Beacon Hill Nature Reserve that's between the ancient villages of Rottingdean and Ovingdean in Brighton , Sussex. The path is called Hogs Plat Lane and this ancient passageway was once one of the routes that flocks of sheep would be driven down so that they could drink from the village pond in Rottingdean.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill