Sunday, 6 September 2015

Behind the Green Door, Gothic Temple and Peach Beach

Behind the Green Door :- An open door reveals a long, narrow corridor. It's dimly lit but light through the window at the end bounces of the floor and helps illuminate the walls. This corridor is located within a hut. The hut was built in January 1940 and it's located in the grounds of Bletchley park, the "Home of the Codebreakers". This is the corridor of hut 8, it's where Alan Turing had his 'office', he passed through this door and walked this hall countless times during his time at Bletchley.

Gothic Temple :- Painshill park was designed and created between 1738 and 1773 and was the brainchild of the Hon. Charles Hamilton (MP). The beautifully landscaped garden and park is full of various follies that were constructed and dotted around the park. In the 1980's a restoration project started on the Grade I landscaped park and it's many follies were restored or rebuilt. The "Gothic Temple" was designed so that its pillared arches would farme the landscape when viewed from inside and thus create a 'living painting'.

Peach Beach :- A December sky at the end of 2014 lights up the Sussex coast and the seaside resort and City of Brighton. This end of the City is like a different world altogether. Here it's quiet, calm and tranquil but all the noise, hustle and bustle of the famous City is only a 10 minute drive away. Hardly any tourists venture out this way as they seem to prefer to cluster around the pier or filter through the City streets.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill