Saturday, 19 September 2015

Between Here & There, Across The Waterfront and Catch The Rainbow

Between Here & There :- For me this is quite literally what the title states as this is pretty much the halfway point when I'm walking from my village into the City of Brighton. If you do the journey by car there are still some pleasant views but you are (obviously) constrained to the main roads and at a pace that doesn't really allow you to take it all in. However, on foot I can take the bridelway that cuts up over the land and fields which also reduces the time it takes to walk in by 40 minutes as other routes are much longer. This image was shot at Roedean and is looking towards the Golf Course, Racehill and Woodingdean in Brighton.

Across The Waterfront :- It could be any built up area or shopping center or any street at night with its stores and restaurants all lit up but it's not. This was once an area full of crashing waves and where a spindly Victorian contraption called "Pioneer" would pass through on it's way to and from Rottingdean village several miles away. This are is the 'Waterfront' which is part of the Marina Village in Brighton Marina. The huge Marina is 127 acres (0.51 km2) in size and was mainly built between 1971 and 1979. The Marina Village was built in the mid 1980's (hence its look) and the Marina is still being altered and built upon right now as an entirely new and huge block is being constructed on the Western end.

Catch The Rainbow :- Rock pools left behind by the receeding tide mirror the myriad of colours that are thrown around as the sun sets. The beach is at a place called ovingdean Gap which is a few miles to the East of the City of Brighton. This is where I get away from it all, relax and breath. This is also where I live, no ... not on the beach but in the village of Ovingdean which sits up on the cliffs that look out over the English Channel. The village has an 11th Century Church which is mentioned in the Domesday Book ( of 1086.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill