Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bluebells, Closed Off and Gold Dust

Bluebells :- Right now I'm under a very grey blanket of cloud that looks like it's threatening rain so it's nice to look back at the lush colours and blue sky in this shot taken earlier in the year. Obviously it was the bluebells that caught my eye buut there were various other elements that I thought made this image worth taking. I loved the worn, twisted tree and wonderful wiggly shadows on the garss. All the colours seemed to compliment each other really well but if you squint at the image you find they are all of the same tonal quality. The shot was taken in Painshill Park in Cobham, Surrey.

Closed Off :- Back in 2013 I posted an image titled Marine Parade Steps. At the time the steps were still in use and clear from obstruction etc. For some unknown reason now the steps have been boarded up and access denied. The ugly, modern architecture that was built at some considerable expense on these 1920's built terraces just a few years ago now stands empty with the odd section boarded over too. The comparison between the two is jarring to say the least. One is a brutal, modern mess of hard angles and throw away architecture whereas the other is an elegant display of style and pride from an age long since gone. How one can let the other slowly rot is beyond me. There appears to be no pride left in anything anymore and we seem to be more than happy to sit by and watch the beautiful things around us fall into states of disrepair and decay. As a child I can remember seeing Brighton in the 60's and 70's and it looked different. It was clean and bright. It's buildings were painted and it's gardens were full of colour with bright displays and flower beds. Then the 80's took hold and things took a downhill slant, then the 90's hit and then finally the new millenium turned up with all it's dreams and false hopes. It turned its nose up at all before and promised something that it simply couldn't deliver. In fact it had so much trouble coping that all that had gone before it suffered too. So now we have been left with an iconic Brighton seafront that's chock full of degradation and decay.

Gold Dust :- You can't take this shot anymore as this wide section of the undercliff walk between Saltdean and Rottingdean now contains a multi-sports play area known as "Connor’s Court". Many years ago the same section contained an outdoor swimming pool (opened on 29 July 1935) which was popular with locals. The pool suffered damage due to various storms and was finally filled in with concrete in 1994. This is an image from February 2013 and the late afternoon sun was just at the right angle to catch all the pebbles and shingle washed up and over the sea wall and using Mother Nature's powers of alchemy turn it all a golden colour.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill