Thursday, 10 September 2015

City Burn, Mill Hill and Robin Hoods Tower

City Burn :- Right time, right place, right conditions. Well the time and the place are something that i can plan and work towards as I can look up the low tide and sunset times and the beach itself is just a short drive (or walk) from where I live. The conditions however are out of my hands and completely rely on Mother Nature to play ball and come up with the goods. Fortunately for me on this occasion she did and the results were wonderful. Very slowly bits of the skyline are vanishing as building work continues to rise up from Brighton Marina. Beyond that the i360 now stands at its full height and if all goes to plan should be opening to the public sometime in 2016. From here though all that pales into insignificance during low tide.

Mill Hill :- A shot taken from the top of Mill Hill looking towards Lancing College and it's huge Chapel with the A27 on the far left of the image. This is the estuary that the vintage Hawker Hunter jet flew across before attemtping the loop and then crashing into the traffic that was queued up on the road. This is usually an adyllic and peaceful area, full of nature with wonderful views. But as of the 22nd August 2015 this place will never be the same. The terrible accident affected everyone in Sussex as anyone who lives here has at some point or other travelled along that stretch of road and has stopped at those traffic lights. The A27 is a main route as it starts near Salisbury and then runs near to the coast connecting Fareham, Portsmouth, Chichester, Brighton and Lewes together before ending in Eastbourne.

Robin Hoods Tower :- This large tower is part of the ancient city walls of York. It's situated on the stretch of wall that runs around the back of York Minster between Bootham Bar and Monk Bar. I am not sure why the tower is known as Robin Hoods Tower but it is interesting to note that in 1226, the Royal Justices first heard the case of the Robin Hood (Hobbehod) fugitive here in the City of York. A further link to Robin Hood is that Sir Henry de Fauconberg was keeper of the castle here and sheriff of the county for a while...he was also once the Shire-Reeve (Sheriff) of Nottingham. Robin Hoods Tower is however more Victorian than Medieval as it was built in 1888\89 on the site and foundations of a much earlier tower.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill