Monday, 28 September 2015

Glow Inn, Beach Playground and Dividing Lines

Glow Inn :- This is a night-time shot of the "Master Mariner" which is one of the pubs & restaurants within Brighton Marina on the South coast of England. Behind it you can just make out the ghostly glow of chalk cliffs and the lights of the main coast road up top. The conditions were just right for this shot as there was very little wind and the water was reltivley calm and still. However, I had to wait to take this shot as another photographer with more equipment than brains wandered around firing his flash off everywhere! Well done, Einstein.

Beach Playground :- This play area used to be full of Dodgem Cars, Amusement Arcades, Helter Skelters and Side Stalls. "Peter Pan's Playground" is an area that holds many fond memories for those that remember the Brighton of old. Unfortunately all the fun of the fair was flattened, concreted over and replaced by an ultra modern kids playground that looked like it was doing fun by numbers. I'm sure the children of today love it but to me it's a sterile version of what once stood here. Galaxian & Defender machines knocking out ear deafening digital sounds mixed with the smell of warm grease from the Dodgems as they sparked by and bounced their way around. Now that was real kids stuff!

Dividing Lines :- A field between villages. The dark line running from the left up towards the center is the bridleway that runs from Ovingdean Road in the village of Ovingdean to Old Parish Lane which connects to Warren Road in the village of Woodingdean. The houses in the distance on the right hand side are those of Woodingdean. The bridleway is (approx) a mile long and takes roughly 20 minutes to walk. Both Woodingdean and Ovingdean are villages within the boudaries of Brighton. Woodingdean started to rise up after World War One so is relatively new whereas Ovingdean is ancient, has an 11th Century Church and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill