Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hiding Brighton, On a Bullet and Thoughts of the Past

Hiding Brighton :- This is the view looking South from the Edburton Road that runs around the back of Brighton between the A23 and the A283 Steyning By-Pass. The south downs run for (approx) 100 miles all the way from Winchester in Hampshire through to Eastbourne in Sussex. Brighton is 'trapped' in a natural bowl between the English Channel and the South Downs. If you were able to see over this large hill in the image you'd see parts of Portslade, Hove and Brighton spreading out before you.

On a Bullet :- I never thought I'd get to stand in the carriage of the Shinkansen 'Bullet Train' let alone take a photograph whilst I was on board. The train was built by West Japan Railways in 1976 and was withdrawn from service in October 2000 and now resides in the National Railway Museum in the City of York. It is the only Bullet Train outside of Japan.

Thoughts of the Past :- It's changed a lot since it opened to the public in May 1899 (it was designed by Richard St. George Moore). It's had its name (controversially) changed, various bits have been added, some bits have been removed altogether and the end section has been widened dramatically and now houses a fun fair. But in all that time one thing has remained constant and that's the fact that it's been constantly entertaining people year in year out. People complain a lot in Brighton about its name change, the locals still refer to it as the 'Palace Pier' instead of the 'Brighton Pier' as it's now known. But as Juliet said in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", the names of things do not affect what they really are. This Grade II tourist attraction sees over 6 million people visit each year. It's become an iconic part of Brighton along with the Royal Pavilion, Bandstand and famous Arches that run along the length of Madeira Drive. I've known it my entire life and I love it dearly.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill