Saturday, 12 September 2015

Made Up, Eboracum and Marina Restaurants

Made Up :- The title refers to the fact that I couldn''t have been happier witnessing this sunset and grabbing a few shots of it at the same time therefore I can assure you that it's 100% real and not 'made up' at all. If you stand on Brighton beach at low tide you cannot help notice how different the beach looks compared to the beaches that are between the Marina and Saltdean. Brighton's beach is shingle, pebbles and a little sand at low tide. But iup until the early 1700's Brighton's beach looked pretty much the same as the beaches to the East. By the mid 1700's sea defences (groynes and breakwaters) were beginning the spring up and they in turn were changing the way beach looked. I have been told that the pebbles on Brighton beach are up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) deep. There's a whole unseen world under there. If you look at old images of Banjo Groyne (also known as Paston Place Groyne) you can see how low the original beach was as the huge stone breakwater rises up and towers over everything but now you can simply walk across the beach and step / climb over its walls. This is one of the reasons I like this end of Brighton as the beach is more like it should be and not how we have made it.

Eboracum :- For a long time I have known that City of York went under the name of Jorvik when the Vikings were living there. I also knew that way before the Vikings took it over the Romans had a vast settlement there and that their name for the City was Eboracum and that it was (at the time) the largest town in northern Britain. The Multangular Tower that you see in this image is actually the remains of the west corner of the original Roman Legionary Fortress of Eboracum. The tower has ten sides and is a combination of Roman and medieval architecture and dates from the early 4th century!

Marina Restaurants :- A late night shot of the restaurants that line 'Mermaid Walk' at Brighton Marina. This area is always a hive of activity and the various business that line this stretch always seem to be busy both night and day.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill