Monday, 7 September 2015

Marsh & Bog, Newgate and Sea Spray

Marsh & Bog :- There's a short and soggy story attached to this shot and image. This boggy area and marsh is part of the West Dart River as it passes past Wistman's Wood and flows towards Two Bridges in Dartmoor, Devon. I'd been in the ancient wood taking various photographs when I spotted the bog and decided to make wmy way down to it to grab a shot or two. Carfully scrambling over the rocks and picking my way through the twisted trees of the wood I eventually managed to get out into the open and wander down towards the river. As I got nearer I could feel the grass and thick moss under my feet begin to get very springy and quickly realised that I had to be very careful not to get stuck in the bog itself. After a few minutes of carefully placing each step I made it to where I wanted to take the shot. I set up the tripod, sorted out the camera and got the shot all framed up and ready to go. I pressed the button and without thinking stepped back only for my right foot to go straight down several inches into the thick and muddy bog water! Picking myself up after losing my balance I brushed myself down and realised the only thing bruised was a little dignity on my part. Having got the shot I decided to squelch my way back to the wood!

Newgate :- An old cobbled street still still has its historically authentic parallel flagstones set in the road for when carts and carriages used it in days gone by. This is 'Newgate', a road that runs between the ancient Medieval street of the Shambles and Parliament Street in the City of York, Yorkshire. This is the area where Newgate Market (now known as Shambles Market) can be found. The market is open daily and it's remarkable as it's been a market here since the Middle Ages.

Sea Spray :- An atmospheric and moody shot of the English Channel as seen from the White Cliffs Cafe ( on the seafront at Saltdean, Sussex. The building was constructed in the 1930's replacing a tea rooms which opened on this site in 1925. In 1937 it opened its doors as the "New Smugglers Haunt" before changing its name later to the "White Cliffs Cafe". Today the cafe offers fresh food, a fully licensed bar, themed public nights and is also available for hire as a venue.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill