Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mill from the Green, Illuminated Construction and Wet Defense

Mill from the Green :- A view of Rottingdean's famous grade II listed smock windmill from the village bowling green on the Falmer Road. 'Beacon Mill' is more commonly known as the 'Rottingdean Windmill', it was built in 1802 and has been restored as a seamark. It sits high on Beacon Hill which is now a Nature Reserve overlooking the Enlgish Channel and where a beacon was once lit to warn Elizabeth I of the approaching Spanish Armada in 1588.

Illuminated Construction :- Sometimes it's worth experimenting and taking the odd gamble. I wasn't sure if this shot was worth taking or not at the time. I stood up on the top of the car park and looked out over the floodlit fast food area and the construction site looming over it in the background. I knew the all elements at ground level would be lit sufficiently for the camera to see it and focus on it ok but it was the tower block they are building that I wanted to capture. I stood looking at it for a while and then decided to give it a try anyway as I thought the lightspill and glow of the area might just be enough to catch it all. I was right. The image is of the new building that is starting to rise up at Brighton Marina on the South coast of England.

Wet Defense :- Unmistakably the beach of Brighton on the South coast of England. We are lucky here, we are treated to some incredible sunsets with nothing to get in the way of our view from the shoreline. The shot and image was taken on 17th February this year (2015) as low tide and sunset coincided with each other. The large Victorian breakwater was still wet and glistening from salt water left behind and the old but beautiful frame of Eugenius Birch's 1866 Grade I listed West Pier stood silently in silhouette as if it was deep in thought.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill