Sunday, 13 September 2015

Returning Tide, St Mary's Door and Towards Mount Caburn

Returning Tide :- A cold January sky and a turbulent sea manged to suck the colour out of the scenery. The long breakwater with the chains running along its length is the 'Medina Groyne' also known locally as the "Hove Walkway". As far as I can ascertain the large breakwater was constructed sometime in the 1880's which was when the King’s Esplanade was built in Hove.

St Mary's Door :- There's usually quite a bit of road traffic in this area and more often or not a few people lurking around the alley clutching cans of beer but on this occasion the place was wonderfully quiet and free of people so I grabbed the shot whilst I could. This is the door through which you now enter the Church of St Mary's in Kemp Town, Brighton. This church was completed in 1878 but stands on the site of an earlier church that collapsed in 1876 (ironically they were rennovating it at the time). The Heritage Lottery Fund has backed restoration of this Grade-II* listed historic church back in January this year. As far as I know the work is scheduled to commence in 2016.

Towards Mount Caburn :- A hazy and atmospheric view looking East from land that lies between the historic village of Kingston and the historic town of Lewes in Sussex. The large hill to the left in the distance is Mt Caburn and is part of the National Nature Reserve. It is one of the highest landmarks in East Sussex standing at 480 feet or 146 meters and is an isolated section of the South Downs. Situated right on the top there's the remains of an Iron Age hill fort but nowadays it's become a great place to paraglide from.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill