Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Keep, Sussex Mansions and Pile

The Keep :- Timing was everything for this shot and image. The City of York had been busy and packed throughout the day and the weather had been a mixture of showers and sunny spells. I'd spent most of the day trying my best to avoid the people and the showers whilst taking in the rich history of York. I decided to take a walk around to Clifford's Tower and York Castle Museum before grabbing a bite to eat and a drink in one of the Cities ancient pubs and found the place devoid of people. As luck would have it heavy clouds were also moving in again and threatening to rain. I waited for the odd bus to go past before setting up from the other side of Tower Street and then grabbed the shot. Clifford’s Tower is the largest remaining part of York Castle. The tower was built sometime during the 13th Century and has been a ruin since the 17th Century.

Sussex Mansions :- It's unusual to see this building without any cars parked outside on the street. The minute I saw it was clear from vehicles I didn't hesitate and took the shot as quickly as possible. The building is situated on the corner of Eastern Road and Sussex Square in Kemp Town, Brighton. Sussex Square was built between 1823 & 1827 but I have been unable to find a date for this building so presume it was built at the same time.

Pile :- A simple shot. Nothing clever. Nothing fanciful. No set up. This is how I found the stones on the February beach back in 2013. I don't know who put them like that as it was around 18:30 and I was the only one on the beach at the time. Sometimes you can look too hard for the shots when in actual fact they are there right in front of you...all you have to do is open your eyes.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill