Saturday, 5 September 2015

Wheel Light, Towering Presence and Par Excellence

Wheel Light :- An image of Brighton's famous pier backlit by the light emitting from the Brighton Wheel. The shot was taken from the end of Albion Groyne (a large Victorian concrete and stone breakwater) at 3 am on the 3rd April 2012. Very soon the skyline will change again as the Brighton Wheel will be dismantled (May 2016) and shipped off to some other destination as its lease comes to an end after 5 years on the seafront. Top left of the image you can clearly see a wonderful little octagonal booth (with pointy roof) that is a gift and souvenir shop on the pier. There are two (the other's directly opposite on the other side), not many realise that these two little shops are actually the original entrance toll-booths of the Royal Suspension Chain Pier built in 1823 and destroyed by a storm in 1896.

Towering Presence :- Another image from my break a month or so ago in the City of York in Yorkshire. This one I find fascinating. If it wasn't for the road markings, street signs and the way everyone's dressed it may as well be an image from Medieval times. The houses crowd in on each other, the road (Low Petergate) is narrow and the mighty York Minster towers over everything in an imposing and godly manner. I also love the one silhouetted figure in the middle of the road.

Par Excellence :- A distant sunset simmers behind the skyline of Brighton. The shot was taken from East Brighton Golf Course which lies between the village of Ovingdean and Brighton itself. there's a bridleway that crosses through and it's often the route I take when venturing into town.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill