Sunday, 25 October 2015

13th Century Gatehouse, Shaded Churchyard and Conclusion

13th Century Gatehouse :- The wonderful thing about living in England is that wherever you go you'll find a serious part iof history staring right back at you. This is the gatehouse of Tonbridge Castle in Tonbridge in Kent. It's said to be Britain's finest example of a Motte and Bailey Castle with a turbulent history that's spanned over 900 years. The castle was built shortly after the Norman Invasion (otherwise known as the Battle of Hastings) in 1066. The gatehouse you see ijhn this image was built far later by either the third Earl of Hertford, Richard de Clare or his son Gilbert, it took 30 years to construct and wasn't completed until 1260.

Shaded Churchyard :- This is a shot of St Margaret's Church and Churchyard in the village of Rottingdean on the South coast of England. The shot was taken by placing the camera on the churchyard wall as I was passing. I liked the heavy shadows that were falling across the grounds. This is the graveyard where the esteemed Pre-Rapahelite artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones and his wife Lady Georgina are laid to rest and the Church is famous for having several large stained glass windows designed by Burne-Jones. It's also where you'll find the grave of the legendary rock and blues guitarist Gary Moore. Parts of the Grade II* listed Church date from the 13th century.

Conclusion :- Shimmering sand caught in the dying light of the evening. It had been an immense sunset which had surprisingly been somewhat overshadowed by the incredibly low tide. The two had combined to create a Brighton never seen before. Calming and breathtaking all at the same time.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill