Monday, 19 October 2015

A Pier and a Pole, Still Mill and Low Tide

A Pier and a Pole :- Thank to the closeness of the Moon to the Earth it's gravitational pull was at its strongest so it had pulled the sea back further than normal. This enabled me to wander out from the beach further than normanl and get this shot. Central to the image is the old iron frame of the West Pier backed by a stunning sunset. To the far right of the image there's the colossal i360 observation tower that stands at 162 metres. Alongside that you can see the 750 tonne yellow crawler crane (nicknamed T-Rex) that's 100 metres in height which has now completed it's work and since trundled off somewhere else. The Brighton i360 is the world's first vertical cable car, the world's slimmest tall tower and also the tallest UK observation tower outside London. It's due to open in 2016.

Still Mill :- This shot of the grade II listed smock mill known as Beacon Mill was taken from the far side of Beacon hill Nature Reserve near a road named Sheep Walk. It's a clever bit of composition and camera trickery as the 1802 mill from this angle looks like it's in the middle of nowhere when in actual fact it's near a main coast road and the historical and ancient village of Rottingdean on the South coast.

Low Tide :- I love looking down on the rocks, pools and seaweed after the sea's popped out for while. There's an entirely different world down there that's held in limbo as it spends half of its time above water and half below. The geology fascinates me too. Deep ruts, scars and fissures appear random at first but the more you start to look at them the more you see structure and pattern. In this image you can see lines heading out to sea.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill